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Our Happy Holiday Filming Locations in Paris and Beyond

Last Updated on 6th November 2022 by TSM Media

Our Happy Holiday is a French language film known as Premières Vacances. The movie follows the story of a a couple who meet on Tinder and shortly afterwards decide to go on an ill fated holiday together. Key filming locations include in Paris and in Bulgaria. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best Our Happy Holiday filming locations.

Our Happy Holiday Filming Locations in Paris and Beyond

Is Our Happy Holiday based on a true story?

No, Our Happy Holiday is not based on a true story. The plot follows the story of Marion and Ben, who are both thirty something years old and meet on Tinder. The pair turn out to be complete opposites and go out for one date before deciding to go on vacation together.

They both have very different ideas of where their ideal vacation would be; for Ben it’s Biarritz, while for Marion it’s Beirut. They compromise by going to a destination in the middle of the two locations, Bulgaria.

Our Happy Holiday Filming locations

Bassin de la Villette

Located in the northeast of Paris, Bassin de la Villette is in the 9th arrondissement and is a waterway surrounded by bars and restaurants. One of the most fun cafés in the area is Le Pavillon des Canaux, a café that’s setup to look like a house, and an eatery where you can even drink your tea in a bathtub.

In the movie, Marion and Ben go on a date in the area. We see some of their friends rent a no permit boat on the water. The best time to visit Bassin de la Villette is in the summer when it’s a popular area to go out on the weekend.

bassin de la villette at night

Rooftops of Paris

Marion and Ben decide to plan their first vacation together while watching the sun rise over the zinc lined rooftops of Paris. It’s not entirely clear where the apartment is located but from the roof you can see plenty of iconic monuments including the Opera and the Eiffel Tower.

Rhodopes Mountain

The couple accidentally gets on the wrong bus. Marion told Ben that they would go to Sunny Beach to enjoy a classic beach holiday but accidentally gets on a bus en route to Rhodopes. We see shots of the bus driving through the area before they arrive on a rural farm in the middle of the mountains.

Sunny Beach

After their time in the Rhodopes, Marion and Ben finally find themselves in Sunny Beach, which is known in Bulgarian as Slanchev Bryag. The resort town is located on the fringes of the Black Sea.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria and is known for its sand dunes, nightlife, and watersports. We see several locations featured in Sunny Beach, including a hotel, restaurant, and the Church of Saint Sophia. The latter location is the remains of a Byzantine church in Nesebar and dates back to the 5th-century.

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